A local taxi driver has told Your Herefordshire about how he has teamed up with his friend to help keep people safe in Hereford.

Following a number of recent incidents in the city centre and surrounding areas, Jonno and Danielle wanted to do something to help keep people safe, particularly at night, when fewer taxis are available than in the past.

Jonno told us:

“I’ve been living in Hereford for 20 years and a Taxi Driver for the past 8 years. I drive in the daytimes during the week, and often work weekend evenings, due to various reasons there are a lack of taxi drivers in the city and this is then encouraging people to walk home and thus potentially putting themselves in a dangerous situation

Danielle then went on to say:

“I’ve known Jonno for years and the other day I couldn’t get a taxi and I was walking home by myself. Randomly and luckily for me, he pulled over on the side of the road and picked me up and took me home, just before he dropped me off he gave me two alarms, one for me and one for my partner. 

“He told me he bought them himself to give to friends. We then had the idea to buy some more and distribute them across Hereford

Jonno added:

“There has been a spate of attacks the past few weeks. I feel people’s freedoms have been taken away and we wanted to do something to help the Hereford public.

Danielle added:

“We have had around 50 alarms arrive today. If anyone needs one please let us know, we want to make Hereford a safer place for everyone.”

To get an alarm, please find Jonno in town between 2pm-9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.