Greenwich Road Runners and members of the group gatright hered in outdoors Raphael’s Bakery early Friday morning to honor Eliza Fletcher, a kindergarten teacher, spouse and mom of two youthful youthfulsters who was kidnapped and killed all by way of a pre-daybreak run in Memphis final month.

About 75 people, principally women, turned out for the event To face in solidarity with Fletcher whose demise was a reminder of The risks women face wright hereas out working.

Donna Rosato talked Regarding the nationwide event and talked about That people had been essential of Fletcher for working by herself Inside the lifeless of Evening time.

Helene Givenchy, Charlotte Dequeker, Courtney Evans, Ren Harman, Christine Podber and Donna Rosato inside Raphael’s Bakery earlier than the Finish Eliza’s Run event. Oct 21, 2022 Photograph: Leslie Yager

As Greenwich Police Visitors Technician Roger Drenth appears on, Christine Podber, a member of Greenwich Road Runners, distrihowevered custom-made runners protectedty alarms. Oct 21, 2022 Photograph: Leslie Yager

“She was A very accomplished runner. She had carried out a 3-hour-26-minute marathon and licensed for Boston. She was up so early as a Outcome of she was teaching,” Rosato said. “We ought to alstrategies admire her dedication to working.”

Rosato shared that when she was in school she was working in a park, listening to music, when two teenagers on bikes acquired here up behind her, lunged at her and grabbed her Sony Walkman.

“They have been yelling one factor, however I mightn’t hear them,” she renameed. “I didn’t even discover them till they acquired here beside me. I used to be so shaken. I mightn’t think about it occurred in broad daylight. Now, I by no means put on head telephones or Take heed to music as a Outcome of I simply really feel like I’ve To Focus.”

Rosato launched her good friend Christine Podber, a member of Greenwich Road Runners, who gave out particular personal protectedty alarms.

Podber said Nobody ought to Want to simplyify working early or Inside the lifeless of Evening time, however Tright here have been strategies to be protectedr.

“I assumed what An excellent Method to remind us that we Should be protected It Does not matter what, and To Consider our environment Alstrategies,” she said earlier than explaining how The particular personal protectedty alarms work.

Greenwich Police Visitors Technician Roger Drenth, who does accident reconstruction collectively with fatalities of pedestrians, shared protectedty ideas.

He talked about Fletcher had been out working at 4:00am.

“That might not A nasty factor,” he said.

However, Drenth said that Fletcher had been working with traffic when she A particular person straind her Proper into a automotive.

His first tip was for bicyclists to journey with traffic, and for walkers and runners To maneuver in the direction of traffic.

“That method You will Have The power to see what’s coming,” he said. “They’re not going To return up behind you.”

Drenth suggested in the direction of working with two earbuds. He suggested working with Just one earbud, or turning down the music low enough To have The power To Take heed to what’s Arising from behind.

Inside Raphael’s Bakery earlier than the “Finish Eliza’s Run” event have been GRR directors Ric Wellington, And might Keown with Lauren Hammer. Oct 21, 2022 Photograph: Leslie Yager

Roughly 122,000 Individuals are hit by a car wright hereas working Yearly. Out of these approximately 5,300 die.

“It might happen right here,” he said. “Everytime you run, Try and maintain Aware of your environment. I do know you get into the zone, however When You’ve music, it’s even worse Because you’ve fullly blocked out The The rest of the world And also you’re in the zone.”

“Aside from being kidnapped, You can twist an ankle, You can fall Proper into a pot hole,” he warned.

“On A daily basis put on a vest To draw The driving strain’s eye to you,” he continued. “Even in the daytime, the photo voltaic goes Out and in and You can get Proper into a shady space beneath a tree. The automotives do everyfactor besides watch whOn they’re doing and driving. They’re on their Mobile teletelephones. They’re consuming their breakfasts.”

“If potential run with a good friend,” he added. “Just in case you get harm or one factor. And In case You are working with a good friend, run single file if a automotive is coming.”

Drenth urged runners To Carry on the sidewalk wheby no means Tright here’s one out tright here. Truly, he said that Connecticut regulation requires people To maintain out of the roadmethod when Tright here is a sidewalk out tright here.

Additionally, he suggested bringing a Mobile telephone alongside wright hereas working. “Do You’d like to fall and get harm, or one factor occurs, You’ve A method to name and inform us wright here You are.”

He said the whistles or alarms are good To maintain.

“On A daily basis have that in case somebody comes or if you get harm, You Can also make a noise To draw consideration to yourselves, or to chase off an aggressive canine.”

Drenth said working predaybreak or at Evening time sporting head lamps Is right, however he famous Mobile teletelephones Even have A Lightweight Inbuilt.

Lastly, he useful using a crosswalk pretty than crossing Inside the midst of The road.

From tright here, the group divided into smaller teams of walkers and runners to symbolinamey full the miles that Fletcher by no means did.  

The event was Definitely one of hundreds throughout the Nation and Increase consciousness of The risks runners face, particularly women, and to rejoice Eliza’s life.

A gaggle of about 75 runners and walkers listened to protectedty ideas from Greenwich Police Visitors Technician Roger Drenth earlier than Getting Proper down to “Finish Eliza’s Run.” Oct 21, 2022

Gerry Thompson, Jeanette Monick, Laura Kelly, Paula Thompson about to set off alongside Mason Road to “Finish Eliza’s Run.” Oct 21, 2022 Photograph: Leslie Yager

Ric Wellington, One of many directors of Greenwich Road Runners, defined the route for a group of walkers he accompanied Through the “Finish Eliza’s Run” event. Oct 21, 2022 Photograph: Leslie Yager

It was nonetheless darkish when about 75 people gatright hered outdoors Raphael’s Bakery To Take heed to protectedty Ideas on the “Finish Eliza’s Run” event. Oct 21, 2022 Photograph: Leslie Yager