Henry County firefighters give free alarms after deadly blaze

Stockbridge police have confirmed three people dead in a house fire. The Henry County Fire Department distributed free smoke alarms in the neighborhood to help prevent another tragedy like this from happening.

Henry County fire investigators passed out free smoke alarms after a fatal fire claimed the life of two people earlier this week.

The names of the deceased who lived on Mimosa Drive in Stockbridge have not yet been released.

Stockbridge police say the family had a smoke alarm in the home, but it was not working properly when fire broke out around 6:30 a.m. Monday.

Fire officials say a working fire alarm makes a huge difference for people who are inside the dwelling.

“If you have a smoke alarm that is working, you cut your chance of survival by more than half,” Henry County Fire Rescue Capt. Craig Hutter said emphatically.

Fire officials are clear, smoke alarms must be operating with fully charged batteries.

“Make sure you test them and know what they sound like when they go off. You should change your batteries twice a year,” the captain urged.

Fire investigators pulled one woman from the house, but she died Tuesday at Grady Memorial Hospital’s Burn Unit.

Investigators have also determined the family was using space heaters, but it is unclear whether those heaters were the cause of the blaze.

Neighbors say an older man and woman had lived for years.

Firefighters went door-to-door in the neighborhood Wednesday, offering homeowners smoke alarms and installation at no cost.

Fire officials say residents should also close their bedroom doors to reduce smoke inhalation during a fire and practice an escape plan with two ways out of the dwelling.

Henry County officials gave away 14 smoke detectors at six different homes along the street Wednesday.